The Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recognizes the use of lasers in dental procedures for infants, children, adolescents and people with special health care needs. Not all procedures are effective with the laser and our doctors will determine and discuss with you if your child is a good candidate.

Our office is proud to offer the cutting edge soft tissue dentistry equipment, the LightScalpel CO2 laser.

We are able to use this laser to complete a wide variety of procedures, including:

  • Lip and Tongue Releases (frenectomies)
  • Removal of intraoral cysts and bumps that shouldn't be there
  • Removal of excessive gum tissue following orthodontic treatment
  • Treatment of painful ulcers to alleviate pain

What is the Difference Between a CO2 Laser and Other Lasers? 

  • Vaporizing and not burning. That’s the CO2 laser difference. Unlike a diode laser which effectively “burns” the soft tissue away, the LightScalpel CO2 laser “vaporizes” the tissue. As a result, the treatment is much more gentle on the body as it does not cause damage to surrounding tissues or generate heat. Therefore, there is less discomfort experienced by the child during the healing phase.
  • Risks and complications are further reduced by the use of CO2 lasers for frenectomies, as there is very little to no bleeding that occurs afterward because it essentially “seals” the surrounding minor capillaries and serves as a cauterizer for the wound while it works. If and when minor bleeding does occur, the CO2 is able to help stop the bleeding by sealing the capillaries back up.
  • Furthermore, there is very little risk of infection, because the CO2 laser “disinfects” the wound. In contrast, when scissors or scalpels are used, bleeding is expected, which can limit our field of vision.